Marsh Architects is a full service firm providing custom residential, light
commercial, renovations, tenant improvements, civic and medical facilities
as well as other diverse client
needs. Our clients will receive personal
attention from a principal architect or project manager to ensure stability,
design ideals, follow through, and client satisfaction.
Marsh Architects combines design with construction techniques and
materials to provide aesthetically pleasing projects that meet all regulatory
codes. Construction documents are detailed to clarify design intent, which
is mandatory to secure competitive bidding among contractors. We put
forth all effort to provide an economic solution and create a lasting, sound
investment for our clients.
We are proud to have served the Central and Southern Ohio communities
over two decades. Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.
FOUNDER: DAN MARSH (1950-2011)
P.O. Box 340037
Columbus, Ohio 43234
614.764.1968 (fax)