P.O. Box 340037
Columbus, Ohio 43234
614.764.1968 (fax)
Mr. Karhoff has 23 years architectural experience, 17 of those
with this firm.  He
was added recently as a Partner-in-Charge of
Marsh Architects
.   His professional experience includes
designing, preparing construction documents, budget
estimating and specifications writing.  He has 15 years as a
project manager representing clients ranging from public
housing authorities to private industry.
 Mr. Karhoff also has
experience with many renovations, public housing projects,
modernization of public facilities, new designs, medical
projects, residential, commercial & field inspection services.
Mr. Karhoff graduated from The Ohio State University 1989
with a B.S. in Architecture.  He has also completed the Oxford
University Architectural Study Abroad Program and courses
from Columbus State Community College.
Eric Karhoff                Project Manager / Designer
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